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Historically Oil India Limited (OIL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) are the two major National Oil Companies(NOC) in India who were given exploration blocks on nomination basis during nomination period of India's E&P regime. DGH discharges the following activities with regard to monitoring of Nomination Blocks and NOCs.


  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual production performance monitoring for nomination blocksfieldwise, with reasons for shortfall in all the activities and remedial measures.
  • PEL / PML examination, validation and monitoring. Half yearly review meeting of PELs and submission of report to MOP&NG. All cases related to PEL / PML i.e. Extension, grant, regrant, relinquishment, timely collection of G&G data of the relinquished blocks. Clearance of ECs of nomination PELs / PMLs.
  • Review of liquidation of sick and non-flowing wells on a monthly basis and submission of monthly report to MoPNG.
  • Policy for monetisation of Marginal fields on NOCs
  • Monitoring Annual work programme of nomination blocks of NOC
  • Four key areas have been identified for monitoring performance of NOCs by DGH which is being done from December 2015:
    • Accelerated exploration activities in nomination blocks
    • Monetization of Undeveloped discoveries
    • Action plane for Enhancement of recovery factor
    • Liquidation of sick wells/ Non-flowing wells
  • Replies to any other query from MoPNG pertaining to NOCs performance.


Petroleum Exploration License (PEL) and Mining Lease (ML) Monitoring of Nomination Blocks:

The PEL/ML group in DGH maintains the records,monitors and reviews the progress of all nomination PEL blocks, pertaining to National Oil Companies (NOC) i.e. ONGC & OIL. Request of time extension or conversion of whole or part area of these PELs is evaluated by the group on the basis of administrative and G&G data submitted by the NOCs and recommendations are forwarded to MoP&NG, as per merit of the case within provisions under P&NG Rules.


The group is also keeping records of nomination PML blocks of NOCs. Request of grant and regrant of these PMLs are also evaluated by the group and recommendations are forwarded to MoP&NG, as per merit of the case within provisions under P&NG Rules.


The group evaluates the data of discoveries within nomination blocks, submitted by NOCs and keep the record of discoveries.