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Advisory :.

While performing Advisory role briefly the following type of functions are involved:

  • Legal opinion on the issues referred to legal section in connection with various activities being undertaken by DGH.
  • Vetting of Contracts and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Legal comments on behalf of DGH to MOP&NG in connection with interpretation of Petroleum Laws & relevant rules framed there under and on other issues which are being referred time to time by MOP&NG to DGH.
  • Drafting of correspondence with contractors in connection with various issues being raised by contractors under PSC’s.
  • Legal vetting of Bank Guarantees, Amendments to PSC’s etc.


Handling Of Litigation :.

Handling of Arbitration matters before Arbitral Tribunal.

Handling of Court Cases before various Courts. It may be further elaborated that the legal officer of DGH while handling Arbitration and Court matters, has to perform following type of jobs:

  • Recommendations for appointment of outside counsels.
  • Preparation of parawise comments in close liaison with the concerned section on facts given by claimant or the petitioner as the case may be.
  • Legal scrutiny of parawise comments.
  • Liaison with advocates for drafting of reply on behalf of GOI/DGH.
  • Vetting of written statements / replies to be filed on behalf of GOI / DGH in Arbitration / Court matters.
  • Instructions to Advocates for suitable steps in Arbitration and Court matters.
  • Attending the hearings before Arbitral Tribunal or Court along with outside counsels and representative from the concerned departments.
  • Payment of fees to Arbitrators and outside counsels.
  • Liaison with Ministry to appraise the development in the concerned matter and to obtain necessary approvals from Ministry wherever required.

Legal scrutiny of Arbitration Award or Court judgment for advising further action i.e. whether the Govt. should accept the particular Arbitration Award or judgment or to file appeal challenging the said award or Court judgment before the court of competent jurisdiction.

  Acts,Rules and Regulations :

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