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As per article – 10 of PSC (Production Sharing Contract) when a discovery is made, the operator has to announce the discovery followed by its different stages of development to the public.

A ‘Discovery’ means the finding, during Petroleum Operations, of actual presence of a Petroleum-bearing reservoir, which can be recovered at the surface in a flow measureable by petroleum industry testing methods.

The different stages of development of a discovery are given below

Declaration of Commerciality (DoC)

Once the discovery is made, the operator, further carry out tests to declare whether the discovery is of Potential Commercial Interest (PCI) and merits appraisal. Subsequent to appraisal the operator need to submit DoC to the Management Committee for review.

Field Development Plan (FDP)

The operator has to submit the Field development plan of DoC reviewed discovery/discoveries to the Management Committee (MC) for approval. The time frame for the submission of FDP are as under

Major functions of DoC and FDP Group

Discoveries under PSC regime-in a nutshell

With the advent of New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) by the Government of India in 1999, the E & P activities were further intensified by award of new acreages to various national and international E & P companies on the basis of open bidding system. This has not only helped in induction of much awaited new technologies in exploration activities but also resulted in a spurt on number of new discoveries by exploring unexplored areas in the country.

So far, a total of 225 hydrocarbon discoveries (116 Oil and 109 Gas) have been made under the PSC regime in 63 blocks. Out of these 64 (40 Oil+ 24 Gas) discoveries are already put on production/on the way to production.