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Geophysical Data Acquisition


 Seismic Data Acquisition By DGH :. 

The objective of the speculative surveys by DGH is to add our knowledge on unexplored and poorly explored areas of Indian Basins. DGH has carried out several surveys to upgrade information covering a total area of 2 million sqkms of which, 84% is in offshore and 16% in onland. 

Surveys Undertaken By DGH:. 

Out of total, satellite gravity surveys over the eastern and western offshore areas and Andaman account for 1.642 million sq. kms. (82%). Joint venture offshore speculative geophysical surveys within the same area in eastern offshore and Andaman cover about 0.246 million sq. kms. (12%). These latter surveys have given valuable clues to structure, tectonics, sedimentary thickness and play recognition in the deep waters, and have provided inputs for modeling studies and for the preparation of a hydrocarbon prospect map of the area.