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Pursuant to the MoP&NG Order, the project entitled, “Re-assessment of Hydrocarbon Resources for Sedimentary Basins and Deepwater Areas of India” was carried out by the multi-organization team of ONGC-OIL-DGH. Started on 01.09.2015, the project was completed on 30.11.2017. The project, at apex level was monitored by National Steering Committee, headed by Secretary, MoP&NG and technically assured by a team of International domain specialists and Indian basin experts. The reports for twenty-six sedimentary basins along with an all-basin comprehensive report were published and kept at NDR, DGH for reference/ purchase by the prospective bidders. A copy of the comprehensive report was submitted to MoP&NG on 26.02.2018 and the same accepted by MoP&NG on 24.04.2018.